About Me

I’m a Christian mother of two, married to an engineer and living in a modest little home somewhere in America. I have a 13 year old son, diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome and a healthy 11 year old daughter. Both my kids will be in middle school this fall. God help me!

In addition to being a wife and mother, I'm also a student, studying nursing... hoping to one day be an RN.

To pay the bills (or at least chip in) I work full-time as a para-educator for middle school-aged children with developmental and physical disabilities. 

Love it!

Why Wendy's WannaBe?

My Mission Statement....

I'm already many many things, but I'd like to be many times better at those many things, while at the same time adding to those many things, many more things at which I can hope to get many times better. 

I hope to share that journey here with YOU!

That's it in a nutshell. I was trying to find just the right words, and there they are.

So, while I'm working on this goal of getting many times better at one of the many things I already am, why not become a better blogger? I've had so many blogs that benefited me for a season, but ALL have perished into nothingness, as most things do.

I've blogged for the right reasons and I've blogged for the wrong reasons. For money, attention, to kill time, to show off, to experiment, and to test myself. It was fun, it was exciting, it was time consuming, it was profitable (at times), and it was a way to keep my sanity when I had no other creative outlet... and um, not a lot of friends or social life to speak of. 

Time passes and life changes and today I am a very different person than I was when I first started blogging. I'd like to think I'm a lot more interesting than I was 7 years ago. I guess we'll see. 

Hopefully, you'll find this new blog entertaining, but at the very least I hope you find it unique. 

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